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In 30 years, we have had many opportunities to organize events. Our goal is not to give you an exhaustive list, but rather to reflect on why some stick in our memory more than others. The “logistical prowess” aspect is nothing compared to the emotions felt during certain moments, when the sincerity of an approach also generates enthusiasm, happiness even, for the participants. Making an event a success is not about producing a model of technical perfection or a compilation of VIP guests, it is about making it memorable, engraving images in our hearts. We always try to bring that extra touch of soul, that human warmth that makes the difference.

Festive gatherings

Our job feeds our passion for organizing joyful gatherings, like here during our traditional Bocuse d'Or Winners evening at the Abbaye Paul Bocuse.


Master Chef Norway

At the request of chef Eyvind Hellstrøm, I helped organize the final of MasterChef Norway in Lyon, coordinating venues, speakers, logistics...


Milan Universal Exhibition

French pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Milan. Gl-events manages the restaurant and we work together to involve the Bocuse d'Or Winners chefs; a lot of logistical work!

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